Business Solutions

NOVO business solutions provide logistics services for your businesses. Our efficient asset and personnel management services will enhance your operational growth and profitability.
The services can be customized to fit each clients peculiar business needs.


NOVO Fleet Management

Here we take the burden of managing assets and the associated employee cost off you. 

Enjoy a package that offers;

  • Transportation solutions: we will partner with you to provide all your business transportation needs
  • Improved  Cashflow: our solution will relieve you the capital expenditure cost of acquiring fleet
  • Frees up your credit lines for use in other core business areas
  • Saves your staff time to focus on productive core business activities
  • Enhanced security through our 24/7 Tracking device features

NOVO Fleet Management Solution package offers;

  • Vehicle Acquisition/Provision: We purchase/provide any type of vehicle for your business requirements. You can rely on us to identify and recommend business operations asset type (vehicle) that matches your business dynamics. Leveraging on our volume purchases, clients will enjoy pass-on discount on purchases. Our relationships with major car distributors ensure that our clients get the premium service they deserve.
  • Asset (Vehicle) Management: We provide vehicle maintenance services, covering the running cost of the fleet. Our solution comes with the services of a Personal Account Manager  (known as Client Service Executive) who will handle all insurance, licensing, registration and vehicle permit (for all intra/inter state, local/state governments) issues. 
  • Personnel Management: We provide the required personnel for your fleet management thereby enjoying professional service in your business. This includes;
  • Provision of cultured, security conscious and medically fit drivers
  • Fleet management supervisors, vehicle dispatchers, security control trackers, customer support lines/assistance etc.
  • Monitoring and Supervision: Salary Administration, Kitting, Continuous Training, Replacement etc)


Short and Long Term Operating Lease

Are you averse to acquisition of depreciable assets with uncertainty of future economic environment?

Come talk to us and we give you a solution best suited for your business.

Under our Asset Lease terms clients enjoy

  • For a minimal payment, the option of ownership of vehicle at the expiration of lease is open to clients or client's staff members.

Novo Outsourcing and Logistics

With globalization, efficient use of limited resource has become necessary. Businesses can efficiently manage their human capital requirements by outsourcing their non-core specific business functions (or processes).

NOVO Outsourcing and Logistics Solution will free your business to leverage your limited resource to core business functions and attain high productivity and profitability objectives.

We provide specialized, unique, and detailed services to accommodate requirements of varied clientele needs. Our Human Resource & Outsourcing Service: Logistics and Moving Services: Protocol Services: and Security and Escort Services; are designed to fit into the operating environment of diverse businesses.
Human Resources Outsourcing

To effectively serve clients, Novo Outsourcing provides the services of Drivers/Protocol Escorts/Dispatch Riders/Cashiers, to corporate organizations and individuals. We recruit from all over the country. We provide personnel that are well equipped to perform functions credibly.
Our services include;

  • Screening for background and security checks
  • Relevant medical checks
  • Immediate replacement when required

Our 3 HR Outsourcing Options are:

•Portfolio Management (full outsourcing): Staff are seconded to clients and all issues pertaining to salary and personnel administration are manage by NOVO Outsourcing and Logistics

•Recruitment and Placement (one off recruitment): this is a one-off service where the staff subsequently becomes the staff of the client

•Tenured Contracts: Staffs are on a fixed contract with specific terms to carry out services for various organizations

Why Choose Us?

•Elimination of distractions associated with managing support services, and personnel
•Savings in administrative and operational personnel
•Provision of cultured, security trained and medically fit drivers
•Drivers management (Monitoring and Supervision; Salary Administration; Kitting; continuous Training)
•Prompt replacement when required

Logistics and Moving Outsourcing Service

•Provision of moving logistics services for special materials, office/home equipments
•Fleet consulting and management services

Protocol Service Outsourcing

We provide transportation needs at designated locations around the country as well as ticket and travel support.

Security and Escort Service Outsourcing

Provision of specially trained security personnel (military intelligence experience), with specifically equipped vehicle and escort services

Please Contact

Yomi Dada 07088604536

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