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Terms and Conditions

Rental Conditions

All rental charges are payable up-front except otherwise agreed

Payment to be made only by cash or bank draft and will be receipted by the company.

5% VAT is payable on rental charges

All toll fees and passes are the responsibility of the client

Normal operating hours are 7am - 6pm.

Driver's overtime rate per hour before 7am and after 6pm is N 300/hour

Over night allowance commences after 12pm @ the rate of N 500 per hour. In the event that the driver works overnight, feeding and accommodation shall be the responsibility of the client.

Driver's Out of station allowance is N 3,000 per day within Nigeria, trips outside Nigeria attract extra charges subject to country of destination and will be denominated in USD.

To protect yourself and belongings, we offer personal, insurance cover on request.

The customer shall be liable for dents, scratches, breakages or any other form of damage to the body or the interior of the vehicle occasioned by driving the vehicle either by the client, his /her agent or anybody assigned by the client.

Liability & Indemnity: The customer shall assume liability and hold the Company harmless from any losses, cause of action, claims, suits, demands, proceedings, attorney and court fees, liabilities, cost and expenses of any nature whatever incurred by the company resulting from or in connection with the usage of the vehicle by an unauthorized third party and also any risk not covered by the insurance policy taken by the Company.



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::: Official Website Novo Cars Rentals | FEEDBACK :::
::: Official Website Novo Cars Rentals | FEEDBACK :::
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